Direct Print on a Door


In order to complete our exit, we had to match the door to the rest of the print.
We did this by removing the window trim and the door hardware, laying it on our flatbed table and running a section of the art file on it.

Because our flatbed printer can print on material up to 6" thick, there is not issues doing prints like this.

After it finished printing we covered it in a gloss liquid laminate, so it would be protected from scratches and fading. We also did it to match the sheen of the rest of the prints.

After the laminate dried, we printed another section of the image on premium clear vinyl. This piece was for the window, and we did it on clear so that light would shine through.

The vinyl was laminated with gloss lam to match, and then mounted directly to the door's window:

The finished product was a box that has a single image, printed, and wrapped around using 3 different materials and 2 different processes.
We thought this was a good way to show different ways of doing jobs while adding some flair to our building.

Come over and see it for yourself; let us know what you think or if you would like one for your building!