EagleCell an Eco-Friendly Option

biodegradable eaglecell mailer

Are you looking for a sturdy, eco-friendly option for an indoor sign?

We stock EagleCell in 1/2" thick, 8'x4' sheets. It has 2 triple-thick, bright white clay coated faces with a 100% fully recyclable paper core. The clay coated surfaces are great for digital prints, 1 or 2 sided, and the paper core makes EagleCell lightweight, but strong.
It has an open core design, with 95% open space it's light and easy to pick up yet still able to deliver I-beam like structural strength. 

eaglecell open core design

Because of the cardboard like center, EagleCell should be used primarily indoors, or outdoors only temporarily because it is not weather resistant.

EagleCell Wall Signs

EagleCell's light weight is helpful when hanging signs on the wall. They can be hung using foam tape, screws, stand-offs, etc. The thickness also gives the signs a stand off look even when put directly against the wall.

eaglecell wall sign stand off look

If you have any questions about EagleCell, or want to talk to us about whether or not EagleCell will work for your needs, contact us, we're always here to help.