Popular Corex Uses

Corex is an extremely useful and versatile material. It being affordable and weather resistant makes it a very popular material for many different applications. It’s also fluted, which makes it the ideal material for yard signs.


Yard Signs:

Probably the most popular use for corex is yard signs, this is because corex is fluted which makes it perfect for h-stakes. Yard signs can be printed full color, single or double sided. We stock 3 different types of h-stakes; 6”x24”, 10”x30”, and heavy duty.

Popular yard sign sizes are: 24”x24”, 24”x18”, 24”x16”, and 24”x12”


Election Signs:

Election signs are usually made out of corex because they tend to be short term, and they are typically ordered in large amounts and need to be affordable. Election signs can be printed full color, single or double sided. They are typically attached to post, but can be installed in a variety of ways.

Election signs can be full 8’x4’ sheets, smaller custom signs, and/or yard signs.


A-Frame Signs:

A-Frame sign holders can hold up to 1 sign on each side, and come in either small (24”x24”) or large (24”x36”).

They are easy to change out, and the sign holder lasts for many years. The sign holder can be weighted down by adding sand or water to the inside of it, making it usable in high wind areas.


Property Signs / Real Estate Signs:

Property signs can vary a lot depending on use and location. Typically they are done as either full 8’x4’ sheets, 24”x24” metal frame inserts (with or without 24”x6” riders), and/or yard signs.

IMG_6416 2.jpg

Hanging Signs:

Because of how lightweight corex is, it makes a perfect hanging sign. It’s easy and safe to hang!


Temporary Signage:

The affordability of corex makes it the perfect temporary outdoor signage!