Stickers & Decals, a service breakdown

We print full color, custom stickers & decals. They are custom cut, and can be ran in large or small batches!

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1. Stickers vs. Decals

What's the difference between stickers and decals?
Typically people differentiate stickers and decals by the use of transfer paper (masking). If a sticker is masked with transfer paper it becomes a decal, if it isn't masked it is a sticker.
Does it really matter what you call it? No, of course not. Whether you want to call them stickers or decals, you can, just let us know if you want them masked or not.


2. Sticker Info.

Stickers can be printed on a large variety of different vinyls. You can print stickers on pretty much every vinyl we stock; ranging from white vehicle grade or intermediate, to reflective, metallic, or chrome.
All of our vinyls can be printed full color, and can be custom cut.
All vinyls can be laminated with gloss, stain, matte, or dry erase lam. Lamination protects the print from things like rubbing, scratching, fading etc.
There are vinyls that will work better than others in certain applications and all of the vinyls have different adhesives, so if you need help deciding what to get, just let us know!


3. Print Info.

Our printers run cmyk, and can print full color on all materials. We can also print white when using clear or colored vinyls.
All of our printers are able to produce photo-quality images and all sizes of text. They run at either 1080 or 1440 DPI so you know you'll be getting super high quality prints every time!


4. Cut Info.

Our contour cutter allows us to cut stickers to any shape you need. From simple shapes like squares and circles, to complex designs.
Our standard cut type is kiss cutting, this is when there is a larger backing on the sticker (either backing paper or vinyl). We kiss cut because it's much easier for the stickers to be peeled, and it also helps protect the sticker's edges.


5. How to Order

Once your a member (membership application) you can order full color, custom printed and cut stickers from our members website (
You'll get access to wholesale pricing once you become a member, and you'll be able to see dynamic pricing of your order as well as receive an extra 2% off when you order online.

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