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You can submit orders via email, just make sure you include all the information (material, quantity, size, etc.).


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You can submit orders over the phone. This is usually done for re-orders and orders that don’t need art to be sent in.


Why BiG sign fx


Quick Turnarounds

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High Quality Prints

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Boat Graphics

large boat graphics
Large Boat Graphics

Add stipes, images, designs!

small boat graphics
Small Boat Graphics

Display your logo, boat name, etc!

boat numbers
Boat Numbers

High quality boat numbers, up to code!


Custom Cut, to any shape/design you want!

whatever your shape/design might be, we can make it happen!

Circle Cut
Circle Cut

Circle cut, oval cut, and rounded cut; these are very popular options for graphics. Rounded elements stick down better, and have a smaller chance of peeling up than hard edges.

Square Cut
Square Cut

Square and rectangular cuts are another popular option for graphics. Square cuts are simple and easy to set up making them a great option for simple graphics. They work great for many applications.

Custom Cut
Custom Cut

Custom cut graphics allow your graphics to be any shape/design you want! This can be anything from a square with rounded corners to an outline of the design you’re getting printed!

Multi-Piece Cut
Multi-Piece Cut

Multi-piece cuts are a very popular option, for both single color and full color graphics. Multi-piece graphics should be masked with transfer paper to maintain their shape/design.


Boat Graphic Uses

there’s so many boat graphic uses, the possibilities are endless!

  • Logo Graphics

  • Branding Graphics

  • Decorative Graphics

  • Name Graphics

  • Boat Numbers

  • Boat Stripes


Lamination / Sheen

lamination doesn’t just change the sheen of the graphics, it also protects it from scratching, rubbing, and fading!
lamination can add years to the life span of a graphic!


Gloss is the most popular lamination type and is great for all different types of graphics. It’s popular because it’s bright, shiny, and eye catching.


Satin lamination is typically used for graphics that are needing a little more “high end” look to them, or places where you need to lessen glare.


Matte lamination is perfect for graphics that need to eliminate glare, or if they are being used for safety graphics and/or informational graphics.


Materials for Boat Graphics

White Vinyls

Vehicle Grade
air release | cast material

7+ Years

air release | calendered material

4+ Years


Clear Vinyl

Vehicle Grade Clear
air release | cast material

7+ Years


other vinyls are available, and vinyls can be special ordered. if you’re looking for something specific, please let us know! (contact us)
If you’re not sure which vinyl is best for your application, let us know, we’re happy to recommend one!