Banner FAQs

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Do hems and grommets cost extra?

No, standard hems and grommets don't cost extra. But if you want pole pocket hems, or extra grommets you will be charge for extra material and hardware used.

What color of grommets do you use?

We stock silver, black, and gold grommets. You can request which color you want us to use. If you don't we will try to match the color of the banner the best we can. If we can't match the banner we use silver.

Should I get wind slits/flaps or a mesh banner?

Whether or not you need any of these depend on the location of the banner. If you're getting an outdoor banner it's not a bad idea to consider wind slits/flaps or mesh banner material. Wind slits and flaps are primarily used to reduce the stress on the banners in windy areas and mesh banner material is primarily used for high wind areas or fence banners.

No-Low Wind: Standard Banner
Low-Med Wind: Wind Slits
Med-High Wind: Wind Flaps
High Wind: Mesh Banner

Are there standard banner sizes?

There are "standard" banner sizes like; 6'x2', 8'x3', etc. But we can print and finish banner to whatever size you want. We stock banner material in rolls that have widths of 38", 54", and 63" all by 164'. If you want something bigger, like a 10'x10', we can do it but it would need to be spliced and sewn.

What size canvas frame can I get?

Whatever size you want! All of our frames are made locally, 100% custom, and made to order. We usually do have a few in stock in different sizes, but we don't consistently stock certain sizes.