General FAQs

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+ Why are you a members only company?

We are members only because it helps us make sure our ordering/quote/delivery or pick up process is easy for both our customers and us.

+ Are there benefits for being a member?

Yes, besides being able to submit orders and request quotes there are rewards and benefits which you can read about (here)

+ How do I request membership?

By going to our membership application page (here), filling out and submitting the form.

+ Do you keep my artwork/logo on hand?

Yes! We keep all files/artwork on hand, they are all kept on our server which is backed up. If you lose a file, a file gets corrupted, or you just want to make a quick & easy reorder; don't worry because we have it!

+ Who owns my artwork/logo?

You do! If you send us your art than it's 100% yours. If we create your artwork or logo than we charge $65 per hour; but once the artwork/logo is done and paid for, you are the owner of it. We will send it to you in almost any type of file you request, and we keep it on file in case you need it later.

+ How do I get my art files from my previous print shop/graphics artist?

This is a tricky question because it depends on the person/company you're dealing with. Most places will tell you that your art is yours but they're reluctant to give it up. Usually The best course of action is to just politely ask for it, and if they try to talk you into something else or make it difficult, just be persistent. We would love to help out, but most of the time another print shop getting involved could make it worse.

+ What type of art file should I send?

We prefer vector art, but if you are sending a raster file we suggest sending it at full size. We accept almost any file type, but we suggest a .pdf, .psd, ai, or .tiff.

+ If I order today how quickly can I get my order?

It really depends on the size and scope of your job, but in most cases if you need your job done right away we are able to get it done and ready on the same or next day.

+ Whats the right black value to use in my art?

There are many different values people use to try and get a rich black, we suggest C75 M68 Y65 K90.

+ Can I proof colors using the email proof you send?

We don't recommend it, email proofs are more about artwork, spelling, and layout. Color sometimes will not match what's displayed on a monitor because monitors show color in RGB while we print in CMYK, and almost every monitor displays color different than one another. If colors are critical or you're trying to match something, we recommend a press proof or color swatches.

+ Can you ship, split ship, or blind ship my print for me?

Yes, just let us know if/how/where you want it shipped and we'll be happy to do so.

+ Can you print RGB files?

Yes, but we don't recommend using RGB file because our CMYK printers might not match the colors 100%.

+ How small can my fonts be?

We can print most fonts at 3pt and still have it clear. 2pt starts to get fuzzy and 1pt is fuzzy but still readable, but it's pretty hard to read text smaller than 4pt without a magnifying glass.

+ Do you do installs?

Yes, up to a certain height. If you want to schedule an off site install we'd be more than happy to do so. If you want to schedule a vehicle install we can do that on and off site, however full and partial wraps have to be done at our facility.