Vinyl FAQs

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What is the difference between Cast and Calendered vinyl?

There are a few differences in Cast and Calendered vinyls. First of all, the main difference people talk about is that Cast vinyl can stretch making it possible to apply it to compound curves while Calendered vinyl can only be applied flat or on simple curves. Also Cast vinyl is made to be better at holding up against the sun meaning it won't fade or become brittle as fast as Calendered vinyl, giving it a much longer life expectancy.

How do I show cut lines in the art for stickers?

In the art file you send over, use outlines or curves (preferably on its own layer) to show where you want us to contour cut. We usually make these lines 100 magenta, but you can make them whatever color contrasts your art as long as you let us know what color you made them.

How accurate is your contour cutter? How small can you cut?

We can make accurate cuts at extremely small sizes, and while we don't suggest going too small (because weeding and sticking becomes problematic) we are able to do it. Our rule of thumb is that you shouldn't cut a sticker (or section of a sticker) smaller than 0.1", we are able to go much smaller, but do not recommend or warranty it.

How small can my stickers be?

Really your stickers can be however small you want them to be, but once it gets to a certain size it becomes less usable. If the vinyl gets too small there will be very little adhesive left to be sticky. We suggest making no part of your sticker smaller than .1".

How big can my sticker be?

Technically 58.5"x1,920", which is the printable size of a 60” vinyl roll; though we don't recommend doing a sticker that big in one piece. It’s much better to do super large graphics in multiple pieces, that makes installation a lot safer. When doing graphics is pieces, it can really be as big as you want it to be.

Will vinyl stick to this surface?

Surfaces that are textured or coated can be difficult to adhere to, and if your surface is coated you must keep in mind that the vinyl will stick to the coating, not the material itself. So, for longer lasting graphics it's best to strip the material of its coating before installing graphics onto it. Another thing to keep in mind is; the surfaces that vinyl won’t adhere to easily usually means the more aggressive the adhesive needs to be, and if you ever remove the vinyl it could damage the surface of the material. Most surfaces like windows, desks, vehicles, floors, phones, computers, etc. will be able to work using removable adhesive vinyls. Which makes graphic removal easier, safer, and much cleaner.

Can I get just 1 sticker?

Of course! Though we do have a minimum order amount.

Can my sticker be custom cut to any shape/design?

Of course! We can contour cut your sticker into virtually any size or shape you need. This includes simple shapes like squares, circles, etc. as well as complex designs. If your stickers is cut to multiple pieces that aren’t attached by vinyl, they will need to be masked to make sure they stay together during installation.

How do I wash my vehicle after its been wrapped?

Hand washing is always the safest choice when taking care of your wrapped vehicle. If you do take it to a car wash, we highly recommend using a touch-less car wash, because car washes that use the rotating brushes could possibly lift and/or remove the vinyl. We also suggest regular washes and treating your wrap as if it were a new paint job. The more you take care of it, the longer it will last and the nicer it will look.

How long will my wrap last?

It can last up to 7 years; but this cannot be answered as an absolute because it all depends on material used, as well as lamination, and of course where you’re driving/parking and how often you wash it. Things like sunlight and heat will affect the longevity of your wrap, as well as the color and sheen that you choose.