Website FAQs

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How do I get the password for the members only website?

The password is available to all members, if you are not a member you can request membership (here) and if you are a member you can call/email us and ask for it.

How do I order online?

By going to our members website. On our members site you can submit orders for any type of materials we have. You will also get real time pricing on the order forms, as well as an extra 2% online order discount.

How do I request a quote online?

You can view pricing on our members website. Just fill out an order form to view pricing and don’t submit it if you’re just checking price.

How long does it take to get an official quote after requesting one via email?

Usually your quote will be emailed to you within an hour, but things like lunch or how close to 5pm it is could delay our response, and quotes requested on the weekends/holidays won't be made/sent until the next business day.

After I request membership how long does it take to get approved?

Once you submit your membership application, and confirmation will be sent to you immediately. The confirmation will include information about membership as well as the password to our members only website.