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Full Color Custom Flags

Custom Print, Custom Cut, Highest Quality


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How to Order:

Full color, custom printed flags can be ordered online at our members website as well as via email.

To access our members website or submit an order via email, you must be a BiG sign fx member.
You can become a member by filling out a membership application.

Members get access to wholesale pricing, as well as an extra 2% off when ordering online.


High Quality

Professional Large Format Printers, 1440 DPI Prints


Flag Info:

Flags are fabric that has been printed, they have a pole pocket along one side for a pole to be inserted, then they are placed using an x-base or a spike. Flags can be full color printed 1-sided or 2-sided and can be placed indoors or outdoors. They are often used near the road, typically saying "open", "sale", or advertising a product/service. They are wind resistant and allow the flag to rotate/move in the wind, drawing attention to it. They are also: wrinkle resistant, fire retardant, water proof, and fade resistant. Flags come reinforced on top and bottom for added durability. 
All flags come with: Aluminum and carbon composite fiber poles (flexible to prevent breaking), ground spike, and carry bag.
You can get an x-base (instead of a spike base or along side the spike base), and water bag (to weigh down the x-base).

Flags are available in 3 different shapes:

  • Feather

  • Straight

  • Teardrop


Flag Types:

Everything we print is 100% custom, from the image/text to the size/shape. This means that you can get flags that are exactly what you want no matter what the use is.

The 3 flag shapes are: feather, straight, and tear drop. They all come in various size, and can all be full color printed 1-sided or 2-sided.


Your Flags, Your Way

You choose; the material, size, shape, cut, etc.


Materials for Flags:


Polyester: Flag material that is wind resistant, wrinkle resistant, fire retardant, water proof, and fade resistant.