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Full Color Custom Magnets

Custom Print, Custom Cut, Highest Quality


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How to Order:

Full color, custom printed and cut magnets can be ordered online at our members website as well as via email.

To access our members website or submit an order via email, you must be a BiG sign fx member.
You can become a member by filling out a membership application.

Members get access to wholesale pricing, as well as an extra 2% off when ordering online.


High Quality

Professional Large Format Printers, 1440 DPI Prints


Magnet Info:

Magnets have a smooth white surface with a black magnetic backing, they can be printed and cut to any shape or design. Magnets can be cut to simple shapes (squares, rectangles, and circles) or complex designs. They can be laminated with gloss, satin, matte, or dry erase. Lamination not only changes the sheen, but it extends the life of the magnets by protecting against rubbing, scratching, and fading.

Magnets come in 2 different thicknesses, 0.015 and 0.030, which refers to how thick the magnetic backing is in inches. 0.030 is the thicker option and 0.015 is about half the thickness, both can be used for many different application. 0.030 can be used for every need you have, while 0.015 can be used for everything except vehicles. 0.030 is vehicle grade magnetic and is typically used for vehicle applications, though it can be used for file cabinets and refrigerators. 0.015 is a thinner alternative and can be used for all non-vehicle applications such as file cabinets and refrigerators.
Magnets can be applied and removed with relative ease, and can be used over and over without losing it's sticking ability.


Magnet Types:

Everything we print is 100% custom, from the image/text to the size/shape. This means that you can get magnets that are exactly what you want no matter what the use is.

We can print any text/image and cut to any shape/design with either one of our magnetic materials.


Your Magnets, Your Way

You choose; the material, size, shape, cut, etc.


Materials for Magnets:


0.030: 0.030 is vehicle grade magnetic; it is a high end, long term material. It will last the longest, and has a stronger magnetic pull allowing it to stay on vehicles at higher speeds.

0.015: 0.015 is a mid range, short to mid term material. It can be safely applied and removed on any non-vehicle surface.