Membership Info

What does it cost:

It’s free! That’s right, there is absolutely no cost to become a member or to stay a member. A BiG sign fx membership is not a subscription, it’s simply a way for us to make sure we’re servicing you in the best way possible.

What does it mean:

BiG sign fx is a members only company, meaning that you can't submit an order or use our members only website without signing up. Membership is simple to set up and doesn't cost a thing; it's as easy to set up as filling out our membership request form and waiting for your confirmation email.

Why are we members only:

We do this because it allows us to streamline our production process which means that members get faster service, faster turn around times, and better pricing. It also stops orders from being held up by eliminating things like: billing confusion and wrong contact information. We strive to supply our members with the absolute best in service, quality, and turnaround time; and to do that effectively we need to know the details.Making sure we have your information and keeping that information up-to-date means that we are able to communicate better with you to make sure you always get your quotes, proofs, invoices, jobs, etc.It also allows us to better keep track of your art and orders, making future orders and re-orders super simple and incredibly fast.

What do you get:

Members of BiG sign fx get wholesale pricing and the password to our members only website, which gives you an extra 2% off when ordering online. Our members website also has our up-to-date price list and dynamic pricing on our order forms so you can see the most up-to-date price before you submit your order. You will also be able to submit orders and quote requests via email and/or phone.Along with being able to order, see pricing, and getting whole discounts; members get access to special rewards and benefits. These benefits are things like free art setup, faster turnaround times, and cash-back on orders! To see all member benefits you go to our rewards and benefits page.

If you have any questions about membership or requesting membership feel free to email/call us!

Some of our current members: