Order Process:

This is a break down of the process of an order after it's been submitted:

1. Art (creation and/or formatting)


We can create art for you, just let us know what you need and we'll begin the creation/proof process.

You can submit your own art as well, if you do here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Our printers run CMYK. We can print RGB, Pantone, etc. art files, though the colors will be the CMYK equivalent. We will help you match the colors as much as possible, but if colors are critical we recommend you order a press proof.

  • Some art (raster) like JPGs and PNGs can distort/pixelate if you have us enlarge them. If you art is vector, we can enlarge it as much as you want without distortion.

We accept almost any file type, but we suggest a .cdr, .pdf, .psd, .ai, or .tiff

Art can be uploaded on our members website, sent via email, or through our hightail. Of course your file(s) can always be brought in using a usb drive, sd card, or disk as well.

We keep all art on hand, this makes reorders easy, if you even need a job done again you don't have to send in the art.

2. Printing

Once your art has been created/formatted and approved, it is sent to the print department. Within 24 hours it will be printed or printing. 

Certain prints can take longer due to size, detail, or dry time. Flatbed jobs are usually quicker because they don't require dry time while roll to roll jobs can take anywhere from a hour to a full day to dry.

Both of our main printers are professional, high quality printers capable of print resolutions of 1,440 DPI. Our flatbed can print on virtually any flat surface that fits on the 64"x96"x6" table. Our roll to roll is 64" wide and can print a full roll (typically 150') in 1 run.
Both of these printers are capable of printing white ink. (for more information on our equipment)

Please let us know (before the print process) if you have any special job needs, because it could effect the completion date.

We are more than happy to expedite jobs for you. We strive to have the fastest turnaround time possible without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. If you need to have your project done by a certain date, please let us know.


3. Finishing

Finishing is what is done to the print to turn it from what comes off the printer to what is given to you.
Finishing includes things such as router cutting, cutting to size, rounding corners, lamination (gloss, satin, matte, or dry erase), contour cutting (standard is kiss cutting), weeding, banner hems, grommeting, sewing, etc.

You can finish prints in a large variety of different ways, and how you want your job finished is completely up to you.

Finishing will usually take 1-4 days, depending on the size and scope of your job.

4. Packaging, Delivery, & Install


We can package your product any way you want. We can deliver your products via ground shipping, hand delivery, or you can pick them up at our facility.

We can also blind ship or split ship your products to you or your customers.

We can also install your product on or off site.
For full or partial vehicle wraps and large vehicle graphics we insist on doing the install at our facility to assure there are no issues. If you want medium to small vehicle graphics installed, that can be done on site.
For wall, window, floor, and other unmovable installs; we are more than happy to travel to your location and install the graphics, signs, and/or banners on site.

If you have any questions or concerns about our process, feel free to contact us, we're always happy to help.