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You can submit orders via email, just make sure you include all the information (material, quantity, size, etc.).


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You can submit orders over the phone. This is usually done for re-orders and orders that don’t need art to be sent in.


Why BiG sign fx


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Wholesale Prices


Outdoor Banners

full color
Full Color

Full color custom printing, as many colors as you want!

hems and grommets
Hems & Grommets

Free one-inch hems and standard grommets!

small and large runs
Large & Small Batch Runs

Get as many as you need; no more, no less!


Finished to Fit Your Needs!

from pole pocket size to banner shape, we’ll make sure your banner is exactly how you need it!

Horizontal Banner
Horizontal Banner

Horizontal banners are the standard banner shape. They are typically finished with a one-inch hem on all sides and grommeted along the top and bottom.

Vertical Banner
Vertical Banner

Vertical banners are a less common banner shape. They are typically finished with a one-inch hem on all sides and grommeted along the top and bottom.

Pole Pocket Banner
Pole Pocket Banner

Pole pocket banners are extremely popular for outdoor banners. They are typically hemmed on the top only or top and bottom leaving a place for a pole to go through.

Pennant Banner
Pennant Banner

Pennant banners are a popular indoor banner shape. They are typically hemmed and grommeted on the top only, and cut to a ribbon or arrow shape at the bottom.


Banner Uses

there’s so many banner uses, the possibilities are endless!

  • Logo Banners

  • Sale / POP Banners

  • Information Banners

  • Location Banners

  • Way Finding Banners

  • Stage Banners

  • Construction Banners

  • Team Banners

  • Trade Show Banners

  • Event Banners

  • Party Banners

  • Achievement Banners


Other Finishing Options

make sure your banners stand the test of time!

Sewn Hems

If you want to reinforce your banner’s hems even more, we can double stich them. Stitched hems are super durable and are made to hold up in harsh environments.

Reinforced Grommets

To strengthen your grommets, we can add reinforce grommet tabs to the banner. This will reduce the chances of the grommets being broken or pull from the banner.

Wind Slits/Flaps

If you’re banner is going in a windy area, you can have wind slits or flaps added to your banner. These slits / flaps reduce stress put on the banner by allowing wind to pass through.

Colored Grommets

We stock three grommet colors; we typically try to match your banner color when choosing which grommets to use. You can request silver, black, or gold.


Outdoor Banner Materials

Heavy Duty
18oz scrim | blockout

High Durability

Smooth / Anti-Curl
15oz PET | blockout

Close Viewing

13oz scrim | single-sided


9oz polyester scrim | single-sided

Wind Resistant


other banner materials are available, and banner materials can be special ordered. if you’re looking for something specific, please let us know! (contact us)
If you’re not sure which banner material is best for your application, let us know, we’re happy to recommend one!