How to Order:

Once you're a member of BiG sign fx (more info here), you can order full color custom pop-up banners online (on our members only website) or via email.

If you're not a member of BiG sign fx, you can request membership here. Membership is free, easy to set up, and very rewarding!

Pop-Up Banner Info:

Pop-up banners are printed banners that are installed into hardware that allows them to recoil into the hardware for travel, and pulled out and hooked on a pull when being displayed.


Pop-Up Banner Types:

Pop-up banners have just one option when it comes to materials, but can be printed in various sizes.
For pop-up banners, the material is hydrosol, which is a premium banner film made for close viewing distances and have a very professional smooth matte finish. They can be installed in different sized pop-up banner hardware.


Pop-Up Banner Uses:

Pop-up banners can be used for a huge variety of different things, such as: logo banners, promotional banners, branding, event banners, decoration, point of purchase banners, trade show banners, directional banners, and many many more uses.


Materials for Pop-Up Banners:

Here's a little guide to help you know what we can do, and what you should get:


Hydrosol: Hydrosol. This is a premium banner film, that has a grey back with 98% opacity. It's anti-reflective, scratch proof, and water proof.