Substrates are rigid sign materials, and our state of the art flatbed printer that allows us to print directly on the flat rigid materials, up to 64"x96"x6". We stock many different kinds of substrate for many different uses.

Substrates can be used for:

  • Yards Signs
  • Building Signs
  • Outdoor & Indoor Signage
  • Table Top Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Sign Riders
  • Back-lit Signs
  • Rigid Posters
  • A-Frames & Sidewalk Signs
  • Wall Signs
  • Wood Signs
  • etc.

If you need help finding the right substrate for your project, just contact us, we're always happy to help.

Our Popular Substrates are: 

Corrugated Plastic / Corex


Corrugated plastic also known as Corex, MatraPlast, PolyFlute, CoroPlast, FlutePlast, IntePro, etc.

Corex is a twinwall plastic-sheet produced from high impact polypropylene specifically for graphics and packaging.

Corex products compete against many traditional materials where benefits of light weight strength, weather resistance, chemical resistance and durability under repeated abuse make this a excellent cost effective choice for signage.

Signs like: Real Estate, Point of Sale, Displays, Political, Construction, Zoning, Events, and many, many other interior and exterior sign applications. We stock and Digitally Print 1-Sided or 2-Sided on 4’x8’ sheets. Corex in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm thicknesses, which can be cut into almost any size and shape.

Works great for: yard signs, real estate signs, election signs, property signs, short to mid term outdoor signage, etc.



Bubble-X is an awesome product, It is very popular because of it’s durability, printability and price point. 

Bubble-X™ is a co-extruded board made of three layers: a central thermoformed core, and two flat, compact external skins with matte finishes. These external layers are smooth and corona-treated to provide outstanding printing performance.

We stock and Digitally Print 1-Sided or 2-Sided on 4’x8’ sheets of Bubble-X in 4mm thickness, which can be cut into almost any size and shape. We can order 5’x10’ sheets and many different thicknesses.

Works great for: real estate signs, election signs, property signs, short to mid term outdoor signage, etc.

Sintra / Styrene / Expanded PVC


Styrene is available in 1mm (.030”) and 2mm (.060”), it’s a flat, extremely durable, flexible and lightweight media.

Sintra/Expanded PVC in 3m (1/8”), 6m (1/4”), and 13m (1/2”). Sintra/Expanded PVC is also a flat, durable, not as flexible but still lightweight material. All of these media’s can be cut & printed to accommodate almost any application regardless of shape or size.

This media does work best for indoor applications such as trade shows, menus and menu boards, POP displays and much, much more.

Styrene and Sintra/Expanded PVC are always in stock. We can direct Digital Print 1-Sided or 2-Sided 4’x8’ sheets, which can be cut into almost any size or shape to fit your application.

Works great for: rigid posters, wall signs, table top signs, short to mid term outdoor or indoor signage, etc.

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material)

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) which you may know as "DiBond or E-Panel". ACM was developed in 1992 by 3A Composites, so after 30 years it is a proven signage product. The panel combines two 0.3mm aluminum surface layers with a polyethylene core.

ACM is perfect for the Flatbed Digital Print process on either 1-Side or 2-Sides. Product applications include any outdoor or indoor signage that needs to last for many years.  ACM can be router cut, drilled, punched, grommeted, and much more. Want to jazz it up and extend the print life, then have us add lamination in either gloss or a satin finish to get the look you want. We also have Dry Erase Lamination for special applications.

4'x8' sheets are always in stock in 3mm (approximate 1/8") thickness. 6mm thicknesses and 5'x10' sheets available by special order. We can cut to any size and shape you want.

Works great for: real estate signs, election signs, property signs, building signs, long term outdoor signage, etc.

Infinity Board


Styrene-Faced High End Foamboard (we always stock 3/16” 4’x8’ material).

2-1/2 times the Density of Competing Foams. Bright White - Smoothest Surface - Light Weight. 100% Recyclable, 100% Manufactured in the USA Perfect for Digital Printing, Cutting, and 3D Cold Bending.

Use for 2D and 3D POP Displays, Signage, Posters, Tradeshow Booths, Exhibits, Kiosks, and much, much more. BiG sign fx can Print on 1 or 2 sides in almost any Size & Shape to fit your Application. Build it BiG with Infinity!

Works great for: rigid posters, wall signs, table top signs, short to mid term outdoor or indoor signage, etc.

Acrylic / Plexi


ACRYLITE® LED sign grade (Resist SG) which is specially formulated to provide outstanding weather resistance and consistent performance even under the harshest conditions.
It also offers superior impact strength which means there is reduced risk of breaking during production, shipping, installation, and potential vandalism.

Acrylic signs are perfect for airport signs, monument signs, or any illuminated cabinet sign holders. We run a 2 pass of ink to saturate the color and avoid prints looking washed out with the light. We also highly recommend gloss lamination to really make those colors pop!

We stock both white and clear acrylic, in both 1/8”(.118”) and 3/16”(.177”). The sheets can be printed and cut down to almost any size.

Works great for: back-lit signs, wall signs, etc.



A Recyclable, eco-friendly option for indoor signage which is a great alternative to plastic, metal and wood. It is an all-paper honeycomb graphics board with triple-thick bright white clay coated liners manufactured with 100% fully recyclable paper core and surface papers. The core has been fabricated to form a series of triangular cells with a proprietary open core design engineered with 95% open space making it lightweight yet able to deliver I-beam like structural strength for carrying shear, bending and compressive loads which provide outstanding strength, rigidity and warp resistance.  

Surface liner materials and coatings have been selected to derive consistent white balance and optimum surface properties for printing. Layering available in White/Kraft/White and White/White/White combinations. Product applications include exhibits, interior signage, POP display, photos, UV Digital Printing, in-store merchandising, and trade show booths. We can apply all types of lamination including Dry Erase.

We stock 4'x8' sheets of 1/2" White/Kraft/White, with lots of other sizes and thicknesses available by special order.

Works great for: rigid posters, wall signs, short to mid term outdoor or indoor signage, etc.

ConVerd Board


ConVerd Board MR 2 sided MR™ (Moisture Resistant) is an exceptional multi-ply, moisture resistant, green alternative to traditional foam board and corrugated plastic boards. Direct printable on two sides for indoor Point of Purchase upright and hanging sign applications, it is available in sheets for flatbed UV printing. ConVerd Board is 100% recyclable and comprised of 10% PCW (post consumer waste).

ConVerd Board is a great material to use for coasters, it is moisture resistant so condensation wont ruin the print or material.

ConVerd Board is also a great, less expensive, Eco Friendly indoor alternative to Corex or Expanded PVC. It is lightweight and has a smooth surface, making it perfect for close up prints.

Works great for: coasters.

*Other specialty substrates can be ordered if needed.

Customer Supplied

We are able to direct print on most materials, so if you have something that you want to bring in and have us print on it we most likely will be able to, up to 64"x98"x6".
Note though that we cannot warranty supplied materials, and we require materials to be flat and clean when brought in.