Lets Build Something Amazing!

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What we do:

  • We build you a website from scratch or copy an existing website.
  • We make sure your new website is modern and easy to use.
  • We make sure it's set up to be search engine friendly.
  • We update/add information, pages, pictures, etc. quickly and in real time.

What you get:

  • A fully functional, modern website that is SEO optimized.
  • eCommerce options, usable for casual sales or online stores.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certified connection.
  • Auto optimized tablet and mobile website.

Our process:

  1. Communicate with you, to make sure we understand what you want your website be.
  2. Build a quick design, to make sure you like the way it's laid out.
  3. Add content such as; information, wording, and images.
  4. Send you drafts; to proof read, critique, and adjust.
  5. Make changes, via your requests.

Once everything is approved we:

  • Connect your domains.
  • Connect your social media accounts.
  • Publish your new website.

Once payment is approved we:

  • Update billing info so that it will auto renew hosting through you.
  • Transfer official ownership of the website to you.
  • Stay on as a contributor in case you want us to update anything. (this is recommend, but not required)

If you ever need us to make changes or updates after the site is live, it's as easy as sending us an email with what you want done and we'll do it quickly. Or we can teach you how to make simple or complex changes in house.

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Basic Website Plan ($12/month billed annually):

•Unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs.  •Unlimited bandwidth and storage.  •Mobile-optimized website.  •Website metrics and analytics.  •SSL security.


Business Website Plan ($18/month billed annually):

All Basic Plan Features.  •Custom domain emails (+$60/year per email).  •Custom promotional pop ups.  •eCommerce integrated.  •Unlimited eCommerce products.  •Accept donations.  •3% transaction fee.  •Mobile information bar.  •Customization through CSS & Javascript.  •Announcement bar.


Basic eCommerce Plan ($26/month billed annually):

All Business Plan Features.  •No transaction fee.  •Mobile-optimized checkout.  •eCommerce analytics.  •Checkout on your domain.  •Customer accounts.


Advanced eCommerce Plan ($40/month billed annually):

All Basic eCommerce Plan Features.  •Abandoned cart auto-recovery.  •Real time carrier shipping.  •Automatic discounts.  •Gift Cards.

*Hosting plans can be changed at any time, if you're upgrading your new features will be available immediately, if you’re downgrading you’ll lose the features that are only available in that hosting option.
*Ownership and billing will be changed to go directly to you after the the website is ready to go live. You will not be charge again until the renewal date.
build options.png

Starting Build ($200 one time charge):

•Homepage.  •Services page.  •Contact page.  •About page.
+$60/hour for maintenance, updates, and additional pages.


Basic Build ($500 one time charge):

All Pages from Starting Build.  •FAQs page.  •1 Gallery page.  •404 page.  •Privacy policy page.  •Support page.  •1 custom page.
+$60/hour for maintenance, updates, and additional pages.


Business Build ($800 one time charge):

All Pages from Basic Build.  •1 more gallery page.  •Blog page.  •4 more custom pages.
+$60/hour for maintenance, updates, and additional pages.


eCommerce Build ($1000 one time charge):

All Pages from Business Build.  •2 more custom pages.  •Shop page.  •15 items for sale.  •Custom variation and SKU.
+$60/hour for maintenance, updates, and additional pages.


Custom Build ($60/hour):

•Unlimited custom pages.
+$60/hour for maintenance and updates.

*These build options work with all hosting option, except eCommerce can not be done on a "Basic Website Plan".
*Prices are for basic HTML, layout, formatting, and design; with pictures and verbage supplied by you. For stock picture purchasing, indepth, and/or special customization; prices could increase based on time/money spent. These prices are for work done at our office. We are more than happy to work off site either taking pictures; of events, shows, storefronts and/or interiors; or working at your location so you can make quick tweaks while we work, or so you can learn how to use the site editor yourself. Off site work will be $100 per hour, plus travel expenses if your location is outside the Rogue Valley.