How to Order:

Once you're a member of BiG sign fx (more info here), you can order full color custom wraps at our facility with what you want wrapped so we can get measurements and a look at what we will be doing.

If you're not a member of BiG sign fx, you can request membership here. Membership is free, easy to set up, and very rewarding!

Wrap Info:

Wraps are adhesive backed vinyl that has been printed or is colored; and wrapped onto something like a vehicle, desk, table, cabinet, door, etc.

Printed Wraps can be laminated with gloss, satin, or matte. Lamination not only changes the sheen, but it extends the life of the wall graphics by protecting against rubbing, scratching, scuffing, fading.


Wrap Types:

Wraps are typically broken down into the following categories: partial wraps, full wraps, print wraps, and colorchange wraps. Partial wraps are when only part of the object or just a specific area of the object is wrapped. Full wraps are when the entire object is wrapped, completely covering the original surface. Print wraps are when the object is wrapped with vinyl that has a printed design on it. Colorchange wraps are when the object is wrapped using a colored vinyl, this wrap is used to change the original color of the object.

You can wrap a huge variety of things, such as: vehicles, computer towers, desks, cabinets, doors, trash cans, etc.

If your wanting a partial/full print wrap we insist on going with vehicle grade vinyls (3M SV480mC & 3M IJ180mC-10). If your wanting a partial/full colorchange wrap we insist on going with vehicle grade wrap vinyls (3M 1080).


Wrap Uses:

Wraps are often used for promotions/sales, branding, and/or adding decoration or uniqueness to your stuff.

Though wraps can be used to protect the original surface of the object (ie: paint on a vehicle).


Materials for Wraps:

We touched on the options for wraps above; mainly 3M SV480mC & 3M IJ180mC-10. Here's a more detailed break down of the materials that can be used:


Vehicle Grade: 3M SV480mC (premium plus), 3M IJ180mC-10 (premium). These are the high-end, vehicle grade materials.


Vehicle Grade: 3M 1080. This is a colored vinyl that comes in a variety of different colors including solid colors (blues, greens, reds, etc.), metallic colors, prismatic colors, chrome colors, etc.