How to Order:

Once you're a member of BiG sign fx (more info here), you can order full color custom coasters online (on our members only website) or via email.

If you're not a member of BiG sign fx, you can request membership here. Membership is free, easy to set up, and very rewarding!

Coaster Info:

Coasters are printed on converd board, which is an eco-friend material that is absorbent. It is a relativity thin, rigid substrate that can be cut into any shape or design.


Coaster Types:

We only have 1 material for coasters, but they can be cut in different ways. The most popular shapes are square/rectangular and circles, though they can be cut into and shape or design.


Coaster Uses:

Coasters can be used for variety of different things, of course they're used to set drinks on, but they can be used for different things in different settings. They can be used for branding, information, sales/promotions, etc.

Materials for Coasters:


Converd: Converd Board is an eco-friendly substrate that is rigid and absorbent.