How to Order:

Once you're a member of BiG sign fx (more info here), you can order full color custom street banners via email, we don't allow street banners to be ordered online because there are many rules and regulations when producing them.

If you're not a member of BiG sign fx, you can request membership here. Membership is free, easy to set up, and very rewarding!

Street Banner Info:

Street banners are usually hung above a street, using rope, to advertise an upcoming event.


Street Banner Types:

Street banners don't have very many options or types, because the city usually dictates what the banner is and isn't allowed to have.
We are more than happy to print and finish a street banner for you, but it is your responsibility to find out the regulations.


Street Banner Uses:

Street banners are typically for promoting an event, new business, etc.

It is hung over a street so that people driving can see it, and can be done 2-sided if it's hung on a 2 way street.


Materials for Street Banners:


Heavy Duty: 18oz heavy duty. This is a thicker, more tear/damage resistant banner material that is designed for long lasting banners and/or banners in harsher enviroments.